Cueva = Cave
Luxury sustainable modular dwellings for resorts, ADU's, and vacation properties. Ships to any state from our US Headquarters in New Mexico.
Current production time is 4 months


ACUEVA Homes can be configured in a variety of layouts, perfect for resorts, vacation properties, and ADU's. Each comes complete including the "dwell shell" as well as floors, windows, bathroom, fixtures, kitchenette, and optional rooftop deck. *Exterior color is customized to your preferenceACUEVA Homes create a unique experiential luxury stay immersed in nature. Fall asleep rooftop stargazing. Wake up to the sunrise greeting nature that surrounds your glass wall views, add a waterfall feature outside your bedroom window.

ACUEVA Homes are modular with endless configurations. Like legos, they can be stacked, rotated, and doubled up for a variety of unique layouts. Our standard sizes range from 200 sq ft to 800 sq ft and can be configured by attaching to make any size larger floor plans.Perfect for:
Spa Resorts
Ski Resorts
Wineries & Vineyards
Lake Houseboats


ACUEVA Homes are sustainable, durable, and designed to withstand all climates - from extreme desert summer heat to cold arctic winters. Privacy tinted glass can be installed on one or all walls. Energy efficient, fully insulated, mini-split heat/AC, tankless water heaters, remote/mobile control. Solar, electric, or hybrid power options.


ACUEVA Homes have modern luxury interiors with studio, one bedroom, and loft options.


ACUEVA Homes also offers smaller 200 sq ft dwellings for adding a backyard office, pool house, man/she cave, or drop it onto any job site as a temporary portable office.


ACUEVA Homes offers modern deck and sun shade options for detached cabanas or full-size attached decks


Come stay with us @ WYLD Durango in Colorado to try ACUEVA Homes for yourself! Breathe in the clean mountain air among the ponderosa pines, raft kayak and fish from the winding Animas River. You'll stay in one of our luxury cottages across from the famous Durango Hot Springs.Options to purchase your ACUEVA on the WYLD Durango property (limited availability)

Interior + Furnishings

NEW! Ask us about our all-inclusive vacation rental interior design and furnishings package. Includes furniture, decor, linens, and all the little miscellaneous necessities to make this a turn-key rental-ready property! We have design-ready styles for different types of property locations. Whether it's mountain ski resort, beach, lake house, desert, vineyard, glamping, or urban housing, we have design concept packages ready for you!


$200,000 - 300,000: Our average 400 sq ft (10x40' ft) turn-key all-inclusive dwellings include the "dwell shell", floors, doors, windows, bathroom with shower sink and toilet, kitchen with counter and sink, rooftop deck, and assembly. *While we do provide additional services, a custom quote is required to include costs for delivery, utility hookups, ground preparation, anything on your property exterior that is required for installation. 50% required to place your order. Current production time is 3-4 months.


Ships to any state in the US from US Headquarters in New Mexico. Current on-site installation services are provided in Colorado, Arizona, California, Utah, New Mexico
Current production time is 3-4 months from the day your deposit is received
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